Yahoo Plans To Lay Off 1000 Employees


These are sad times for the employees at Yahoo. This year, employees can expect an official intimation of termination rather than the annual bonuses they have become so used to. Insiders in the industry have been speculating for a long time about what Yahoo’s next plan would be, now that it was proved its expansionist activities weren’t going off as well as it had planned.

Yahoo’s Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer has declined to comment on these rumors, but insiders at Yahoo have confirmed that there were some goings-on afoot. Some have reported that investors have called for a major cut in the number of employees, starting with Mayer herself. If the pressure tactics succeed and the investors are allowed to have their way, Yahoo could see at least 1000 dedicated souls pack their stuff and head out into the unknown. That makes about 10% of Yahoo’s 10,000 employees.

There have already been numerous cost-cutting measures. Yahoo has already bid a fond farewell to Yahoo Screen, the video hub for all of its online magazines. Yahoo is famous for its digital online magazines, and it remains to be seen how it will survive without Yahoo Screen’s services.

Industry experts are watching how far Yahoo will succeed with such cost-cutting measures in the long-run. These layoffs will be more visible towards the end of the year when the employees are eagerly anticipating their bonuses.

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