Supplemental Poor- A new class has emerged


Costs of living are rising to highly alarming levels in California. This rapid shoot has led to the formation of a new definition of who is poor. It is shocking to know that even people who earn $4000 – $5000 monthly are just one step away from being impoverished. The working class families are struggling to save every penny they earn. The main areas of concern are house rent and child care. Sometimes even if both the husband and wife are earning, their expenditure on basic essential necessities are still quite disturbing as costs are increasing to a great extent. The new class of who can be called poor has earned a name for itself. This class of people is now being called as the Supplemental poor. The supplemental class poverty rate is around 21 %.

Was it always like this?

class2California is a land where there are two extremes. On one side they have multi-millionaires who spend money with no limits and bring a hike in the cost of living. They create such hype for this style of living and accommodation that the opposite side falls out of balance and barely manages to meet both ends.
Many couples who are both working are now faced with a great dilemma. With the soaring costs of childcare, they are considering if one of them should remain at home to care for children. However, this loss of one steady income is going to topple the balance of their lives as well. They are faced with the challenge of finding a reliable and affordable child care system which will allow them to continue earning two incomes. Most of the working women are mainly affected by this dilemma. They need to take proper care of their kids and at the same time need to find a way to preserve the constant flow of money received from their jobs.

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