Have You Found All Your Pokemon Yet


It may sound weird, however, a whole set of people are searching for Pokémon everywhere they go. Was playing a game this exciting or popular previously? The rates of downloading Pokemon go is increasing more than any of the recent games downloaded. Pokémon go is the most popular game that has emerged till now. The game is being downloaded in mobiles, iPad, Tablets and any other source that can be carried around. There is no shortage of people, both kids, and adults, walking around endlessly in search of their Pokémons. It’s fun actually to watch them rush around looking for a Pokémon.

As much as the interest among players has increased, the small businesses have caught the fever too. They are making the maximum use of this adventure. Local parks, theaters, recreational malls and many other local enterprises are advertising the game to attract people to visit them and start their hunt for Pokemon. Crowds of Pokemon hunters gravitate towards a lure present in a public place.

poke1It wouldn’t hurt your business a bit if you do a bit of exploring for Pokemon in your nearby areas. You can advertise the presence of Pokemon and can also arrange for people arriving to get Pokemon badges and stickers. Staying updated with the latest trends in the game can help to attract more Pokemon lovers.

Lately, people are moving their business to public places and making them more mobile. If there is a park near a hotel, the managers may consider setting up outdoor eateries so that they can lure people to try out their food while on the hunt for Pokemon. Similarly arranging camp site stay for families, arranging outdoor recreational activities and many other strategies are being planned by small business owners on a large scale. This works two ways as people get to enjoy the outdoors hunting down Pokemon and at the same time the business flourishes.

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Did You Know That Netflix Is Hiking Its Fee?


For many of us, Netflix has now become part and parcel of our daily lives. It is, after all, the global leader in Internet Television, specializing in providing millions of people all over the world with quality online entertainment in the form of streaming videos and music as well as providing recorded entertainment in the forms of mail-order DVDs. This is the brainchild of Reed Hastings and Marc Randolf, who together founded the company in August 1997. Situated in scenic California, this multi-million dollar company provides its many services to as many as 195 countries.

But soon, many of these people might have to say goodbye to their favorite shows on Netflix, if the entertainment giant is going to have its way. It has been speculated that Netflix plans to bring about another increase in its subscription fees. And this time, the existing subscribers will not be spared from the onslaught!

Two years ago, Netflix hiked its fees to $10 per month but allowed existing subscribers to avail its HD services for just $8. But this respite is now officially over. Netflix has announced that it plans to lump all its users into the $10 category, much to the huge dismay of over 17 million users worldwide. That’s approximately 40% of total Netflix users!

And to add insult to injury, most of these poor souls don’t even know of this steep hike in their subscription rates! Experts believe that this might not affect Netflix much in the long run. After all, it is still cheaper than pay-per-view cable TV, with its average cost per second being only Nine cents an hour. Even after the hike, chances are that most users will still be willing to pay extra for these services, with only a few taking the extreme step of having their subscriptions canceled.

Hilton Enters Real-Estate Business


Hilton Hotels have long been considered as the top of the class, in terms of quality hotels. It has been one of the most popular hotels across the world for many long decades now, and its popularity shows no sign of waning anytime soon. Many have appreciated the quality of the standards that have been set by the Hilton, and have gone so far as to even set these standards as the benchmark that must be followed by other hotels following in the footsteps of the Hilton.

Today, The Hilton has set yet another new path. Hilton Holdings Incorporated, in order to offset the effects of the stiff competition that it always faces, has decided to enter the world of real-estate. It plans to make its properties into viable real estate by putting them all into separate publicly traded companies. It plans to join the REIT (Real-Estate Investment Trust)in a bid to increase shareholder profits. At the same time, it also announced the transformation of Hilton Grand Vacations (HGV), its timeshare business, into another public limited company.

It remains to be seen how these measures will affect The Hilton and its image worldwide. Meanwhile, industry sources predict a definite upswing in the real-estate business, with the entry of such giants into the market.