What Are Obama’s Plans After Stepping Down


Barrack Obama is the 44th President of the United States. He is also the first African-American president and the first American president to be born outside the United States Main continent. He comes from a middle class hard working family. This background has been an immense strength to him. He knows the value of hard work and good education, both which has helped him to dedicate himself to the service of his country and people. He has served the US for two terms as President. The first, when he was elected in 2008 and the second term which is going to end in January 2017.

obama2Childhood Obama’s father was from Kenya and his mother from Kansas. He was born on August 4, 1961. His grandparents helped to raise him when he was a kid. After college, Obama helped to rebuild communities which were devastated by the closure of certain localized steel plant in Chicago. He later attended law school where he also became the President of Harvard Law Review.

obama1Future plans
As the time to leave is approaching it is heard that he is planning to relocate his presidential library to Chicago. Combating economic and racial issues is going to be his main agenda. He plans to be fully immersed in all such activities which promote the causes of socially weak communities. Though he should be engaged seriously in his personal plans for the future, sources from the White House have confirmed that he is more occupied in making the most of his Term as President. He is devoted to paying attention to International events and solving issues within the country. There are also talks about a new political party being launched which is going to focus on state legislative affairs.

Other areas which will come under his attention post-presidency are
· Proper functioning of criminal justice system
· Encouraging the youth to participate and work for their communities
· Improve the quality of education

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Supplemental Poor- A new class has emerged


Costs of living are rising to highly alarming levels in California. This rapid shoot has led to the formation of a new definition of who is poor. It is shocking to know that even people who earn $4000 – $5000 monthly are just one step away from being impoverished. The working class families are struggling to save every penny they earn. The main areas of concern are house rent and child care. Sometimes even if both the husband and wife are earning, their expenditure on basic essential necessities are still quite disturbing as costs are increasing to a great extent. The new class of who can be called poor has earned a name for itself. This class of people is now being called as the Supplemental poor. The supplemental class poverty rate is around 21 %.

Was it always like this?

class2California is a land where there are two extremes. On one side they have multi-millionaires who spend money with no limits and bring a hike in the cost of living. They create such hype for this style of living and accommodation that the opposite side falls out of balance and barely manages to meet both ends.
Many couples who are both working are now faced with a great dilemma. With the soaring costs of childcare, they are considering if one of them should remain at home to care for children. However, this loss of one steady income is going to topple the balance of their lives as well. They are faced with the challenge of finding a reliable and affordable child care system which will allow them to continue earning two incomes. Most of the working women are mainly affected by this dilemma. They need to take proper care of their kids and at the same time need to find a way to preserve the constant flow of money received from their jobs.

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Have You Found All Your Pokemon Yet


It may sound weird, however, a whole set of people are searching for Pokémon everywhere they go. Was playing a game this exciting or popular previously? The rates of downloading Pokemon go is increasing more than any of the recent games downloaded. Pokémon go is the most popular game that has emerged till now. The game is being downloaded in mobiles, iPad, Tablets and any other source that can be carried around. There is no shortage of people, both kids, and adults, walking around endlessly in search of their Pokémons. It’s fun actually to watch them rush around looking for a Pokémon.

As much as the interest among players has increased, the small businesses have caught the fever too. They are making the maximum use of this adventure. Local parks, theaters, recreational malls and many other local enterprises are advertising the game to attract people to visit them and start their hunt for Pokemon. Crowds of Pokemon hunters gravitate towards a lure present in a public place.

poke1It wouldn’t hurt your business a bit if you do a bit of exploring for Pokemon in your nearby areas. You can advertise the presence of Pokemon and can also arrange for people arriving to get Pokemon badges and stickers. Staying updated with the latest trends in the game can help to attract more Pokemon lovers.

Lately, people are moving their business to public places and making them more mobile. If there is a park near a hotel, the managers may consider setting up outdoor eateries so that they can lure people to try out their food while on the hunt for Pokemon. Similarly arranging camp site stay for families, arranging outdoor recreational activities and many other strategies are being planned by small business owners on a large scale. This works two ways as people get to enjoy the outdoors hunting down Pokemon and at the same time the business flourishes.

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